Bring Back Disco: Yann Brassard Released His New Track “Overnight”

It is hard to believe that Canada-based young singer-songwriter Yann Brassard recorded all the instrumental sounds of his new release "Overnight" by mouth only, with the exception of the drums part, but that is the case, and this fact alone is enough to draw attention to the release. However, there is more to the song than just the process it went through. Also, considering that Yann recorded the song all alone during the pandemic, his way of getting the sounds the song required is not only unique but also innovative and practical. 

"Overnight" is a perfect comeback of the '70s and '80s when disco music was king on the dancefloors. Yann did not just bring back disco; he innovated by adding his own style, gorgeous vocals, and signature sound to the release. Being a finalist in Québec's La Voix 6, the artist proved many times over his outstanding ability to find the perfect sonic range and sound congruence in every genre. Don't waste your chance to hear the talented Yann and give a chance to "Overnight," which is a logical and stylistic sequel of his previous releases in french called "Mission Commando" and "Dangereuse." 

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