BREAKING: Ultra Makes Major Change In Its Layout for Return To Bayfront

While last year’s Ultra Music Festival went through its share of growing pains, even for the first (and only) year at the venue, one of the most spectacular and commonly lauded aspects was the instantly popular Resistance Island. Now, as Ultra returns to its longtime home of Bayfront Park, it’s bringing Resistance Island back with it, customized specifically for Bayfront Park.

The new Resistance Area (since it obviously won’t be on an island in Bayfront Park) will occupy the northern perimeter of the newly revamped festival layout and will feature multiple areas, including the debut of The Cove.

It will be called “The Cove” because of its its unique waterfront positioning with Biscayne Bay to the east and Biscayne Boulevard to the west, not to mention being nestled perfectly under the palm trees in the heart of downtown Miami. It’s sure to capture the vibe and spirit of Resistance Island brilliantly.

Resistance Island will also include art installations, thought provoking interactive experiences, and themed production alone with a curated artist roster that Ultra fans have come to know and trust. With the Resistance now firmly established on all 6 inhabited continents — Australia, Africa, Asia, South & North America and Europe — expect more Resistance Miami details to soon be released.


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