picture of Ariel Houston “Breaking My Heart”

“Breaking My Heart” Reaffirms Ariel Houston’s Artistic Evolution

Ariel Houston ‘s musical growth and development have been nothing short of remarkable. From her early days as a Broadway child to her current position as an empowered musician, releasing hits like “Breaking My Heart,” the singer’s trajectory as an inspiring artist has been marked by exploration and personal expression. 

In a recent interview, Ariel Houston highlights the importance of allowing all parts of oneself to grow, instead of conforming to societal expectations. She acknowledges that artists often face the risk of being confined to specific images, ideals, or sounds, limiting their true potential. Houston, however, has embraced the opportunity to record, write, and perform a diverse range of songs, fueled by her gratitude for the unique and favorable journey that fate has bestowed upon her. 

Her musical style has been shaped by legendary artists like Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Tina Turner. The Voice’s vocal abilities and approach to singing have been a significant inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on Ariel Houston‘s sound and style. Turner‘s fearlessness in belting out powerful performances has encouraged Ariel Houston to tap into her own vocal strength and passion, while Evans has influenced her airy harmonies and riffs, adding an ethereal quality to her music. 

Beyond her music career, Ariel Houston is also dedicated to making a positive impact through activism and entrepreneurship. She believes that serving others is a fundamental aspect of her purpose as an artist. Drawing from her own experiences of witnessing her husband endure immense loss and trauma, she aims to create a lasting legacy by founding the Houston Foundation for Hope

Her artistic journey reflects the power of embracing one’s true self and pursuing personal growth. Ariel Houston’s music resonates with authenticity, vulnerability, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world around her.

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