Boy Deluxe tease forthcoming EP RISEN with first single “I'm the Blood”

Los Angeles dark pop duo Boy Deluxe gives us the first sneak peek of their deeply personal forthcoming EP RISEN, with anthemic single “I’m the Blood,” which combines futuristic, glitchy vocals with a punchy instrumentation of booming beats, subtle synths and high-energy guitars.

Described as a track about “embracing personal power,” the duo infuse the intricately layered offering with self-confidence and empowerment as they delve into the tense, foreboding vibes of their signature electro-tinged dark pop sound. With a mystical music video directed by Tim Thompson adding to the gritty sonics of the track, Boy Deluxe capture the  chaos and change of pain, loss and survival which forms the crux of RISEN. 

Leading on the first step of a musical journey that’s meant to be about transition, the first single sees the creative duo come back to the comfort and ease of their edgy musical roots as they cope with unprecedented times, alongside the rest of the world.Emotional yet unapologetic, Boy Deluxe’s artistry is the result of singer Hope’s powerful vocals meeting the moody electronic soundscape of  multi-instrumentalistTrue Murra.

Making music that’s intimate but expansive, the pair have continued to build a steady fanbase for their dark musicality, tinged uniquely by uplifting and hope.

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