Borgeous releases his atmospheric heartbreak anthem dedicated to LA [Video]

Borgeous is a platinum, Billboard-charting EDM DJ known for his energetic dance tracks, but on his latest single “Ruin LA”, Borgeous takes a step inward with emotive, ethereal beats and reflective lyricism. The single discusses how heartbreak can hinder a whole city over Borgeous’ textural, echoing sonics and melancholy reverbs of piano.

“Ruin LA” first came to Borgeous six years ago, and only recently emerged as the single it is today. Written by Borgeous, Cara Salimando, and Jonny Price, the lyrics dwell on glamourous tropes of LA party scenes countered with past reflections of former heartbreak. Borgeous admits, “ ‘Ruin LA’ touches me in a way no song ever has before.” The chorus of the track asks, “Even though I plead and pray, it will never be the same / In all these United States, why the hell’d you have to go and ruin LA?” The music video features the highs and lows of a toxic relationship over lush landscapes of Echo Park, a sunset beach, and the Santa Monica Pier. Turning away from his roots as a vivacious performer, hard-hitting producer, and magnetic DJ, Borgeous shows a softer side on “Ruin LA” showcasing his affinity for pristine, atmospheric sonics and poignant lyrics.

Borgeous began his career as a Los Angeles-based DJ before releasing his debut hit “Tsunami” in 2013. Borgeous collaborated with Canadian production duo DVBBS on “Tsunami” which soon became one of the most memorable dance hits of this era. After hitting the ground running with his debut single, Borgeous released several other Billboard-charting tracks and has become a well-respected force in the dance community. “Ruin LA” is his latest release, adding complexity to Borgeous’ style while elevating his musical limits. Watch and listen to “Ruin LA” for a relatable tale of lost love and a chapter closing.

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