Bobby Shmurda Calls Out Streaming Platforms, Asks Fans to ‘Stop Asking Me to Drop New Music’

Nearly two years since dropping his first post-prison project, Bobby Shmurda isn’t shying away from letting his fans know how he feels about the state of the music industry.

It’s already been more than three years since Shmurda was released from prison after serving over six years for gang conspiracy charges. Months after returning home in February 2021, Bobby dropped Bodboy, a nine-track EP which marked the Brooklyn rapper’s first project since his 2014 breakthrough Shmurda She Wrote.

Bodboy doubled as an appetizer for Shmurda’s long-anticipated debut album Ready To Live. Though it’s unclear if and when the LP will be released, the “Hot N***a” rapper has sustained momentum by delivering a recent string of guest verses. The latest, last month’s new track “On Something,” saw Shmurda join forces with American entrepreneur Eli Taylor-Lemire for a song and accompanying visual.

Despite his ability to remain relevant, Shmurda doesn’t sound encouraged by his future in the rap game. On Sunday, the 29-year-old took to Twitter to urge fans and critics to “stop asking” him when he plans on dropping new material.

“Stop asking me to drop music,” Bobby wrote. “American DSPs don’t allow real Bodman on playlists because I don’t paint my fingers, so it’s pointless until something is done with the people who own, run and manage these platforms.”