Bobbi Althoff Denies Hooking Up With Drake

Althoff’s Drake interview, which had amassed over 10 million views on YouTube, was taken down earlier this week. Around the same time, fans discovered that Drake and Bobbi stopped following each other on Instagram, where they originally booked the interview through DMs.

“He sent me his touring schedule, and I knew that I needed to make it happen fast, so my friend and I flew to Memphis two days after the original DM was sent to record the episode,” Althoff recently told Cosmopolitan.

Though neither party has commented on the unfollowing or the interview’s disappearance, speculation quickly bubbled up that Althoff’s Aug. 10 BFFs appearance upset Drake. A viral segment (below) saw Bobbi making fairly innocuous remarks about the awkwardness of showing up to an aloof Yachty’s house.

Portnoy told her of the Let’s Start Here artist, “He was our worst interview we ever had.” Richards and fellow co-host Bri Chickenfry backed up his claim.