Bobbi Althoff Denies Alleged Drake Feud: ‘He’s a Very Nice Person’

Drake’s unfollowing was a topic when Althoff made an appearance on the Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast on Tuesday.

“I guess we’ll never know,” Althoff told Palmer with a smile.

Palmer then asked Althoff when was the last time she spoke to the rapper, to which she responded, “A couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago?”

“He’s a very nice person,” Althoff added. “Him and Funny Marco. Both of them definitely changed my whole entire life.”

Palmer didn’t appear to ask why the Drake interview was deleted. However, it’s speculated that copyright issues may have been the reason the video got pulled. In the interview, Drake played an extended clip of Tyga’s “Rack City.” Althoff would not be able to monetize a YouTube video with copyrighted music in it without clearing it with the rights holder.

Despite being criticized for her deadpan persona, Althoff was able to secure other high profile interviews with Lil Yachty, Offset, Scarlett Johansson, and more since the infamous Drake interview. 

Althoff’s ability to nab A-list level talent so early into her career as a relative unknown in the media space led to accusations of being an “industry plant,” or an individual plucked out of obscurity by an entertainment company who uses their resources and influence to bring that person into limelight.