Big Sean Announces Self-Help Book Inspired by ‘Elevated Thinkers’ in His Family

Sean explained how the key inspiration behind the book came from his realization that only doing inner work when he found himself “in a dark place” would keep him locked in a negative cycle. For example, he’d respond to a difficult time in his life by doing the work, only to then be “back on my bullshit” immediately after, thus creating a loop. Sean also credited podcast personality and author Jay Shetty with encouraging him to write the book.

As fans will note, Sean has appeared on Shetty’s show in the past, including for a 2022 episode in which he told the host he wanted to “do other things” with his life, including write a book.

“I’ve learned so many lessons. … I get to sit with a lot of people who know so much,” Sean said at the time, adding that he felt it’s one of his “purposes” and “missions” in life.