TotogangzMau is a new Hip Hop artist with a very unique sound and subject matter. Mau was born in East Palo Alto California on January 30th 2005. After the sudden death of her mother, Mau in order to cope started writing songs, and really began the journey of becoming an artist. Through this new way of expressing herself, she was able to maintain her grades in school and helped her sort out all of her emotions as well as serve as a great distraction from the reality of what was going on around her.

Through all of the turmoil and everything that comes with a young lady losing their mother, Mau still puts the faith in her talent in Gods hands stating “I will forever say that God gave me the creativity to write and express myself through music. When my mom passed away, I picked up and pen and I haven’t stopped writing ever since”.

This young woman is a force to be reckoned with and has great things coming her way from upcoming collaborations to being a guest on podcast her career is gearing up to be something to be marveled.

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