Beyoncé’s $579 Million Renaissance World Tour Box Office Is the Highest Recorded Total for a Black Artist

Beyoncé‘s Renaissance Tour dazzled fans around the world and wowed at the box office.

Queen Bey’s global excursion earned $579 million, according to Variety, with 2.7 million concertgoers attending 56 dates in 39 cities.

In terms of Billboard Boxscore—which “has charted the biggest tours in the world” for “nearly four decades” and has a top 10 comprised solely of white, male artists—this places Beyoncé’s latest run as the seventh-highest-grossing tour on the chart, making her the only woman, only Black artist, and only American solo act to enter the ranks.

Billboard noted in an August check-in that the list doesn’t yet officially “mention newly launched 2023 treks by Beyoncé, Metallica, Taylor Swift, and more.” Estimates have Swift’s still-in-progress Eras Tour landing at over $1 billion—or more than double that—but we won’t know for certain until she wraps up next year.