Beyoncé Fans Discover ‘Cowboy Carter’ CD and Vinyl Editions Are Missing Songs

Fans have noticed there are some songs on the digital version of Beyoncé‘s latest album Cowboy Carter—which runs for 78 minutes across 27 tracks—that do not appear on physical copies.

According to Variety, at least some Cowboy Carter vinyls are missing the following five cuts: “Spaghettii” (track 12), “Flamenco,” “The Linda Martell Show,” “Ya Ya,” and “Oh Louisiana,” with the latter four making up tracks 18 through 21 on the streaming edition. The CD has “Flamenco,” but the remaining four songs are evidently nowhere to be found.

The store on the 32-time Grammy-winner’s website states the CD features an additional track, however, Redditors suspect “Flamenco” serves as the “bonus” song. Other purchasers have pointed out the title “My Rose” appears as “Mr. Sir,” name-checking her son.

Fans are speculating whether Beyoncé made a number of changes to her eighth studio album after CD and vinyl production got underway. Those who have received their physical copies noticed there’s no mention of the Cowboy Carter title on the packaging, except for a sticker, instead emphasizing the Act II part of the title and hinting Beyincé may have been the original title. Others have pointed out slight musical differences on cuts like “II Hands II Heaven” and opener “Ameriican Requiem.”