Better Than Snapchat? Instagram Is Bringing Music To Stories [REPORT]

When Instagram announced Stories, many wrote it off as a ripoff of Snapchat‘s Stories. And yes, they’re quite similar. But Instagram’s Stories have taken off and are used quite frequently. Plus, new coding found in the Android version of Instagram hints that music is coming to Stories.

Twitter user   that he found music icons and code hidden in Instagram’s Android code. The code reveals “music stickers,” which will let users search for and add songs to their posts. Another Twitter user by the name of  also showed Tech Crunch that she was able to test music stickers, as seen below:

Instagram is also testing functionality that identifies a song and artist a user is listening to, much like Shazam. Wong’s testing also proved this upcoming feature. On the surface, it may seem like Instagram would be limited in its music catalog for music stories. But, Instagram owner Facebook with all three major record labels earlier this year. Sky’s the limit.

Plus, Instagram’s new platform for sharing content from third-party apps such as Spotify and SoundCloud could make music stories that much more appealing. Music stickers, here we come.

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