Benny the Butcher Says Hip-Hop Fans Are Too Focused On Criticism: ‘Can We Get Back to Enjoying the Music?’

Benny continued by reminding fans that the rappers they’re critiquing established themselves “without your opinion,” while urging them to “paying attention to the art” and celebrating their favorite MCs.

“Get back to celebrating these artists,” he shared. “And if you don’t like it, you don’t fucking like it. Not saying that y’all gotta like everything, but just enjoy it, man. Can we get back to enjoying the music? Y’all see where this shit goin’. So uplift the people who putting shit out that y’all do like, man. ‘Cause this shit is getting out of control. … Don’t weaponize your opinion though, my n***a.”

In follow-up clips he targeted “failed rappers and broke trappers” and “n***as who life is only relevant when they typing”