Benny the Butcher Claims He’s on the FBI Watchlist, Had His Studio Raided

“In the city of Buffalo, New York, a BSF shirt is considered gang shit,” Benny said. “They make people take the shit off when they come to parole. Black Soprano Family, we’re known as the active gang to the Buffalo Police Department, that’s how they got us pegged.”

Elsewhere in his conversation with The Breakfast Club, Benny addressed the rumors that Griselda had broke up. According to Benny, the group is as strong as ever. 

“We got so successful that where the support was coming from, people backed up, because we was about to take over all this shit,” he explained, while noting that Griselda “cooled down” to regroup. “Conway, he’s always been the top spitter to me. He still is. You’d be hard-pressed to name five n***as who can get in the ring with him.”

He continued: “[Everybody Can’t Go] is my first major-label album. You know what I’m saying? People forget about that because of the run we had. I’ve never dropped a major album in my whole life. […] We’ve been running it for so long. And, you know, you’re sick of seeing that. […] When they don’t see us together, they be like, ‘Oh man, they must be beefing.’ Man, we’re family, you know what I’m saying?”