Bella Delle Has Just Released Her New EP Feelings

Atlanta-based singer Bella Delle, who also happens to be a skilled dancer and actor, has just released her new EP Feelings. The six tracks on this EP showcase Bella's genuineness, honesty, and skill in its entirety. Bella is no stranger to sensational performances, and her new songs are no exception. Her music is shockingly soulful, appealing to individuals of all ages and backgrounds with their catchy melodies and lovely harmonies.

The EP's same-titled track, "Feelings," showcases Bella's alto voice to its fullest potential. The video of the song is also a treat - it displays the artist in her most preferred environment: playing the piano, performing ballet stretches, and even floating into space.. This is a song that everyone can love, thanks to its charm and catchiness.

Bella won first place in the worldwide "Platform" competition while she was only a teenager. She was also chosen to play at "Tower Of Talent," Atlanta's largest charity event. "Shut the Door," "Don't Know Me," and a gorgeous version of "Feeling Good" are just a few of her most popular hits, each having millions of views on YouTube.

As a result of Bella's diverse abilities, this EP will undoubtedly confirm Bella's prime place in pop music while also greatly expanding her fan base. It's remarkable and commendable that someone so young has shown such commitment and hard work.

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