Be The First Comment On Skrillex's Posts with Facebook's New "Top Fans" Status

Ever feel like you’re one of your favorite DJ’s biggest fans? Well, now you can actually tell with top fan badges on Facebook.

Facebook users can now receive a badge that will be (optionally) displayed on any posts or comments that you make on the corresponding page. In the example below, Gabe is a top fan of Skrillex and any post or comment he makes will have a star next to his name, denoting his Top Fan status.

As Facebook has continued to cut reach on artists’ and publishers’ posts over the past year, this is an excellent incentive to get users actively engaging with content again on the platform. Not only that, but users get to flaunt their top fan status. We see this being especially coveted for some of the more hysterical fandoms, like those belonging to Benedict Cumberbatch, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, LeBron James, and other notable figures.

How do you get the badge? Start interaction: post, comment, like, share, follow, and invite friends to like the pages you do! Just do it more often than everyone else.

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