Bashli – Real Love

image0-1 Bashli - Real Love

Bashli got into music early on and started playing the piano when he was 5. When he got to 2nd grade Bashli had a music teacher who was a great pianist and he would sit in the front of the class and watch her play. Every morning he would have to sing, lift every voice and sing and she would play it on keys. He went home and learned the basic notes to play on the piano and went back to school and showed her he knew how to play it. She was amazed that he taught himself how to play by ear and suggested that he go to a private music school to enhance his talent.

When Bashli started recording songs of his own he was inspired by the struggles he faced growing up. It’s a lot easier telling his story through music as opposed to just speaking to someone. The artists who inspired him were Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Musiq Soulchild.

Being in the studio creating, Bashli likes to be by himself or have his little brother with him because when you have a lot of people in the studio it becomes a distraction. Everyone has an opinion and that sometimes can affect your best outcome. Bashli doesn’t like to hear the beat for too long, he likes to just jump in the booth after he hears the first couple seconds of the beat and freestyle whatever comes to mind in that moment.

He feels like those initial emotions you feel when you hear the track is most likely going to sound the best. Be ready for new content and projects. He might be dropping a new project sooner than later.

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