Barny Fletcher searches for otherwordly love in “Intergirlactic” video

The pied piper of Somerset, Barny Fletcher, returns with a new danceable groove in lieu of a new project on the way. 

“Intergirlactic” is a play on words that texturizes the current emotional state of London rapper Barny Fletcher, a tune that is futuristic in sound while staying completely grounded.

Hopping on a popular MBWAV beat, Fletcher takes the tune and transforms it into a new song that is entirely his own. His eclectic and out-of-pocket sound and cadence fits the bounce-heavy beat perfectly, resulting in a listening experience so unorthodox and non-linear, it can only bring a consistent string of emotions.

An aspect that makes the song really stand out is Fletcher’s dedication to the composition. Just in the first few seconds, listeners are greeted to an intro that works in the song’s favor, while giving Fletcher his own signature stamp on the beat. This fun display of craft molding the beat can be heard all throughout the track.

From the short yet sweet introduction to pauses in between his fast-packed verse to the final bridge where he changes the tempo and adds a clap to the instrumental. The track provides a cosmic, testosterone-filled ride exploring Fletcher’s questioning of love and self moment of weakness and demonstrates the singer’s growth in musicality and prowess.

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