Bangladeshi musician Sabbir Nasir delivers call-to-action against human evils on “Drowning”

Bangladeshi musician, poet and philosopher, Sabbir Nasir protests the evils of the world, touching on important topics of human trafficking, child prostitution and more on impactful protest song “ Drowning.” Opening with  soaring synths and airy vocals, the EDM-pop offering comes alive with funky basslines and subtle guitars, underpinned by catchy dance beats as Nasir draws us into the depth of his heart.

Heartfelt and emotive, “Drowning,” is serene yet thrums with currents of anger as Nasir calls on the elimination of all the evils that enveloping human race, a powerful music video from Shahrear Polock, carrying the message of the sensitive track forward. Channelling his signature lyrical style that seeks to address the unfairness of society, Nasir weaves strong connections that swell with the strength of his soulful voice.

Having made a name for himself as a folk act, Nasir has slowly and steadily infused his interest in sonic experimentation moving effortlessly across various music styles.

With touches of spirituality and technical training coming together to develop an artistry that’s as organic as it is carefully crafted, Sabbir Nasir delivers a fiery mix of frustration, protest and a call for action on his latest foray that marks another notch in recent series of successful singles.

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