Bangladesh Reveals Kelis Cleared His Royalties on “Bossy” 17 Years After Its Release

Bangladesh has revealed how he got Kelis to sign off on his royalties for producing the beat for her 2006 hit single “Bossy.”

During his visit with Bag Fuel, the Grammy-nominated producer revealed he just had his royalties cleared for “Bossy” 17 years after the hit single was released. According to Bangladesh, the singer never signed off on a split sheet for the song, which meant no royalties were paid out to those involved.

He added that Kelis was very “difficult” to work with and he didn’t know if it was something personal she had against him. However, after 17 years, he managed to figure out a way to get her to sign off.

“How the record was created, I did the whole beat, so that’s already 50 percent, so then Sean Garrett wrote the hook. Jasper and another dude wrote the verses, but she kind of like quarterbacked it,” Bangladesh said. “I think the label got Too $hort on it, so the numbers was adding up more than 100 because she was taking a lot of it, and she ain’t do nothing.” 

He added, “What you was asking for doesn’t justify the work you did. It was like you got four people on the writer’s side, and you trying to take 25 percent of the 50, and it’s like this n***a wrote the hook, this n***a wrote the verse, you asking for too much, and there wasn’t enough left for Too $hort.”