Bad Bunny Drops Sweet Video for ‘Ojitos Lindos’ Featuring a Bomba Estéreo Cameo

Bad Bunny is singing about some special “Ojitos Lindos” this Valentine’s Day. On Tuesday, the musician released a sweet surprise video featuring his collaborator Bomba Estéreo as he cycles through different partners.

The Stillz-directed visual opens with a greñudo Bad Bunny getting out of an oceanside home, before joining different love interests on dates: sipping wine at a picnic, fishing at the beach, preparing a salad, attending a basketball game, eating tacos outside a truck, watching a movie at a drive-in theater, having a romantic dinner, visiting an aquarium, and (of course) attending a Bomba Estéreo concert.

The last of the date clips sees Bad Bunny and the love interest dancing as Li Saumet sings her chorus from the song onstage: “And just look at me with those little pretty eyes/With that, I’ll be good/With them, I’m born again.”

The video transitions to a frustrated, solo Benito speeding down a highway, before falling asleep at the wheel, and crashing. He’s then seen on a hospital bed with a head injury and a broken arm, before his best love of all walks in: a cute beagle. Still in his hospital gown, Bad Bunny is seen playing with the dog in a small field. The ojitos lindos, or pretty eyes, were the pup’s all along.

The visual came as a complete surprise and was announced upon release. The caption on Instagram reads: “New video. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


“Ojitos Lindos” is one of the several collaborations that features on Bad Bunny’s Grammy-winning album Un Verano Sin Ti. Other collaborators include Jhayco on “Tarot,” Rauw Alejandro on “Party,” The Marías on “Otro Atardecer,” and Buscabulla on “Andrea.”

“The most beautiful word to exist is gracias. I’m grateful to God, with life, and with the love I receive. I’m thankful to live moments I never imagined. I’m thankful for the people who seriously love me, for those who understand me and those who don’t, too,” he wrote on Instagram after he won the award for Best Música Urbana Album at the Grammys. “I feel happy, I feel proud of myself and that’s why I want to say thank you.”