Azealia Banks Says Jay-Z’s Support Is Reason for Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Beef

Azealia Banks is weighing in on the beef between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, two women she’s previously had issues with.

Fans had been prodding Banks to respond to the feud, and she did exactly that when she hopped on IG and shared an ocean of thoughts to her Stories. Her primary take is that Jay-Z‘s support of Megan is the real reason the two women are beefing with each other. 

“Originally I was just going to stay out of this because it’s another day, another rap beef — who really cares? But I think there’s some interesting parts to this that everyone’s missing. This isn’t about Meg [collaborating] with Cardi,” Banks began. “This is about Jay-Z…Jay-Z has this way of presenting himself in the culture as a Daddy Warbucks type of figure.”

Banks alleged that Nicki has long been clamoring for Jay’s attention.

“When you really dig down deep into it, Nicki be sweating Jay in a different type of way,” she added. “Low-key, she be on his di–. I’m really good at reading body language and I could see in the ‘Feeling Myself’ video, Beyoncé’s kinda like laughing at her.”

Banks also claimed that Nicki is bitter about her lack of industry support, and had wanted Hov to give her a co-sign, so she felt disrespected when he supported Meg through Roc Nation. The Houston Hottie may have used that support as ammo when she recently threatened to call Roc Nation when speaking about Nicki during a chat on Stationhead

“Jay-Z has kinda positioned himself in this way where almost every type of female urban artist feels she needs his approval of sorts,” Banks said. “I could just low-key feel she’s felt slighted by Jay. Just by his association with Meek Mill. But at the same time, Nicki wants to wiggle her way in bad. That’s what this beef is about. She wants to be a Roc Nation girl so fucking bad.”

The support of Roc Nation is no small resource. With the help of their management, Meg just inked a historic distribution deal with Warner Music.

Banks continued, “It’s been years since Jay-Z publicly co-signed any female rapper, and the fact that it’s Megan — it could be anyone — the fact some female rapper that’s not Nicki got Jay-Z’s public co-sign makes Nicki jealous…And I’m really not trying to diss Meg. She’s not a typical Roc Nation girl. She’s still ham hocks and hushpuppies.”