Azealia Banks Criticizes Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter,’ Tells Her to ‘Just F***ing Retire’

Azealia Banks shared a scathing review of Beyoncé’s new album Cowboy Carter.

Shortly after the album’s March 29 release, Yung Rapunxel offered some scorching critiques about the project in her Instagram Stories, addressing collaborations on the LP, calling the themes “redundant,” and saying the lyrics were “really forced.”

“Album is too long…. Plus who is this imaginary adversary sis thinks still wants to hump on j in 2024?” Banks said, referencing Jay-Z and Bey’s Cowboy Carter remake of “Jolene.” “She’s gotta find new content. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY thinks he’s even remotely attractive….. Lol.”

After complimenting the album’s production and engineering, along with Bey’s “most sonically cool attempt at being artsy,” Banks argued that the effort was better than the album’s output. Banks also considered Miley Cyrus‘ guest appearance on Cowboy Carter “on brand” but inauthentic, writing, “We know those two are not kicking it on the regular.”

Banks pinpointed what she considered collaborators more fitting for Cowboy Carter, like former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift, KT Tunstall, Kacey Musgraves, and production from Dr. Luke. Tunstall co-signed the suggested collaboration. 

After adding that she “doesn’t like rapyonce,” Banks concluded, “Dozed off again, now I’m going to sleep.”