ÄTNA dazzle with new alt-pop single “Trick By Trick” [Video]

 German avant-garde pop duo ÄTNA continues to wow us with their off-the-wall visuals and knack for pushing the envelope with their new release "Trick By Trick"—an extravagant new release that takes exaggerated elements of pop and hip-hop and mixes them vigorously into a punchy, no-holds-barred piece about materialism and posturing. The song is built on a crunchy drum pattern, off-kilter synth, and lead vocalists Inéz's extremely auto-tuned verses poking fun at the Gucci-Prada-Fendi-flow of contemporary mainstream artists. She sure is having fun making this as she delivers an over-the-top robotic performance riddled with the distinct ÄTNA eccentricity.

The official video also manifests ÄTNA's musical versatility. Thus, their visual world is another mosaic piece of their multiverse of sound, design, fashion, movement and language, virtuality, and weirdness. Anchored by Vincent Göler, the video take bold steps in amplifying mainstream rap/pop tropes in unexpected ways. From riding toy sports cars, chomping on gold bars to excessive splendor and other bright motifs, the duo sure knows how to rock out with their visual representation.

"Trick By Trick" is taken from their forthcoming album Push Life, scheduled for release on April 1st, 2022, and will be available on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl.

ÄTNA is made up of singer and synth player Inéz and drummer Demian Kappenstein

Stream "Trick By Trick"  on  Spotify.

Connect with  ÄTNA: YouTube | Facebook | Website | Spotify | Instagram

Connect with ÄTNA: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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