ÄTNA and MEUTE share video for “Weirdo” [Video]

"Weirdo" is the new single by German avant-garde pop duo ÄTNA and techno marching band MEUTE who deliver exactly what the title suggests. The collaboration is intense and blends a myriad of musical styles in a seamless fashion. ÄTNA brings forth their eclectic pop styles with some hip-hop swagger as lead vocalist Inéz flows melodically over the rousing backdrop laid before her.

From the rap verses, catchy hook, and chants that play prominent roles, the production here is magnificent. The marching band drum grooves from the foundation of the track as it slowly builds into a frenzy with sizzling synths, soft bells, and moody pads. again, as the title suggests, the track is all about being who you are regardless of what some may call you. In a nutshell, be bold at all times.

The visual looks like a festival. From the gaudy costumes, dystopia set pieces, and offbeat choreography, the director Philip Zeller ensures that each element is represented on screen. It is a seamless blend of performance shots set in color-coordinated fashion as the scenes progress. The appealing switch between dual chrome and multi-colored schemes used in this video keeps the aesthetic fluid and dynamic.

ÄTNA is made up of singer and synth player Inéz and drummer Demian Kappenstein. Their previous release is the DJ/producer SOLOMUN, assisted “Tuk Tuk.” 

MEUTE is an eleven-piece self-described techno marching band from Germany. They fuse hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band and electronic music and have collaborated with Flume and Laurent Garnier.

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