ASHWARYA is Pushing the Boundaries of Pop

Between this EP and the last, what do you think has been your biggest level up?

I think this time around I’m feeling a lot more confident about the release. There’s definitely an element of confidence I have now that I feel maybe I didn’t have the first time round.

Not to say that I didn’t have the creative control for Nocturnal Hours, but for this EP I’ve had creative control on pretty much every aspect of the campaign—from the song writing to the visuals and branding.

Being an independent artist, as much as it comes with its adversities, it’s empowering because you call the shots on literally everything. So, when it comes to decision making, it’s high stakes. You’re not relying on anyone else to tell you if the work is good or bad, you’re just kind of trusting your gut. So I think this time around, I’ve felt a lot more confident rolling out the music, because I’ve [done] it before.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt on your journey as an independent artist?

Just to follow my gut. I get rid of all the noise around me and have [complete] tunnel vision when it comes to my creativity. Another lesson I’ve learned is that growing with the creatives around me is and has been really important. Without collaboration, [you have] nothing. So yeah, I feel like I really tapped into my community and people that I work with beyond just the projects we do together. I’m going to be working with these people for ages because we’ve formed relationships as homies, first and foremost.