Ashley Sienna Releases New Single “My Phone Died”

Niagara Falls, Canada-bred singer-songwriter Ashley Sienna has announced the release of her new single titled “My Phone Died” - a  catchy record blending with utmost sophistication electronic and pop elements.

In case you occasionally find yourself in random situations thinking “no, no, no, no” and then just blurting out “yes” then this song is what describes you the best.
Ashley sings: “ There is one thing about me you should know/ I don’t really know how to say no/ If you see me smile and my lashes flutter/ It doesn’t really mean that I want your number”. You probably can relate, right?
She took that message and turned it into a powerful pop anthem.

“My Phone Died” is an insanely catchy, polished little bop with an infectious melody that immediately draws and settles in your brain for the rest of the day. Ashey’s delivery is on point throughout the track with her gentle yet strong vocals,  that deserve all the radio and streaming love that is hopefully coming its way soon!

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