Art-Pop Artist REGALJASON Unveils A Soulfully Strange & Slick Anthem Titled “EMPIRE” [Official Music Video]

A true global citizen,Jamaican born and Panama raised art-pop artist REGALJASON goes full on experimental pop with his new single “EMPIRE,” released alongside self-directed visuals. This major release sees the promising talent talk about the apexes of poverty and opulence, the symbiotic relationship between innovation and degradation, modern day feudalism, and more. His sharp and poetic social commentary fueled by his own experience of the world is simply inspiring, considering his young age. 

“EMPIRE” is also the first glimpse of REGALJASON’s upcoming EP, Megafauna. REGALJASON has imagined a magnificent visual concept, with glossy cinematic and DIY-feeling footage, featuring REGAL in theatrical fashions in the streets of New York City and Panama City.

Stemming from his own experiences in the world, having lived in five cities by the age of twenty, REGALJASON’s new release offers a raw and unfiltered reflection of the world the way it really is, while subtly addressing the changes needed for it to be more sustainable and fair for everyone. 

He explains: “It became very apparent to me that cities housed, in close quarters, both what a society was most proud of and what it was most ashamed of.” 

The magnetic pop melodies and tantalizing vocal arrangements merge seamlessly, culminating in a unique sound that could be labeled as art-pop or avant-pop, but mere words can’t describe such sonic beauty because his sound is simply different than anything anyone has ever heard before. 

This soulfully strange and slick anthem powered by REGALJASON’s hauntingly beautiful voice is clearly set to find its audience and rapidly grow the artist’s fan base this year.  

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