ari hicks shares a thrilling dark pop single and video

Toronto left-of-center alt pop singer ari hicks returns with an invigorating new single and visuals. Called “Midas” the song is the first single off of her forthcoming EP It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2.

With “Midas”, the songwriter has concocted a single all about how important it is to find beauty in life, even in moments of chaos and unpredictability. We all make decisions and ari hicks reminds us to try and make peace with our choices and try not to overthink or dwell on our past. The song also acts as a cautionary tale drawing influence from the mythical king “Midas” in Greek mythology who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold which soon haunted him. It is a be careful also for what you wish for type narrative with ari singing,”Midas / everything that I touch / shiny things follow me.”

Sonically, “Midas” begins with moody piano chords under ari’s pristine soul-laced and confident vocals. Hard hitting synths and deep bass lines underlay an anthemic chorus for an unapologetic and striking mix of pop, alt R&B and electronic. In the accompanying video directed by Nicole Davis (ND), ari is seen chained up painted in gold to represent her inability to make peace with her own decisions.

ari hicks is one of the most exciting rising voices in alt pop music today. Her recently released EP It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1 included six intoxicating songs all about empowerment and stepping into your own villain era. Check out “Midas” now and remember to try and accept the consequences to your own actions.

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