Are Drake and Future Beefing? Here’s a Timeline of Theories, Subs, and Tensions

Drake once rapped, “The lyrics begin to reveal themselves over time periods,” and fans have been taking him literally over the past few days, picking apart old rhymes and coming up with theories about his alleged beef with Future.

Future’s new album with Metro Boomin, We Don’t Trust You, featured an explosive diss verse from Kendrick Lamar on “Like That,” which was aimed at Drake and J. Cole. But fans are also speculating that some of Future’s verses contain subliminal shots at Drake, as well, signaling a beef between the longtime collaborators. Naturally, fans have been going down wild rabbit holes all weekend as they look for clues about the origins of the beef.

None of these lyrics or subs have been confirmed to be about Drake or Future, and some of the connections being made could very well just be wild theories from tinfoil hat-wearing fans trying to piece together how we go here. Metro Boomin has even gone out of his way to refute one rumor that Drake and Future are beefing over a specific woman named Diana. 

But both Future and Drake have a history of leaving breadcrumbs in their music, and there’s a lot to dig through here. With a lot still actively going on, here’s a timeline of tensions between Drake and Future over the years, including speculation about the origins of their current feud.