Apex Zero is on his p’s and q’s on “Set Our Sights” [Video]

Veteran UK lyricist Apex Zero releases his new single "Set Our Sights" and its accompanying visuals. He is backed by a dark, ominous production courtesy of legendary UK hip-hop artist and producer Manage, and the result is a mix of hard-hitting bars peppered with social commentary and motivation quips. As a battle-tested emcee, he exudes that edgy, fiery flow coupled with his booming vocals and knack for painting vivid pictures with his words. Apex Zero takes the listener on an unforgettable ride, knocking senses into the heads of weak emcees while educating others on the importance of being self-aware by seeking knowledge outside one's circle.

Director Jack Diggs handles the visuals perfectly and his approach is as dark and moody as the song itself. He makes use of the dark, winter nights of London as his set-piece to capture Apex Zero's cold demeanor and energetic performance. Viewers are taken through the deserted streets of London, deep into the back alleys, train stations, and more to give a cinematic and dystopian view of the city. "Set Our Sights" is the first collaboration between Apex Zero via Manage's new Lab79 label which boasts names such as eMCee Killa (Caxton Press) and Skirmish (Rhyme Asylum). 

West London-raised emcee Apex Zero is more than an emcee and beyond the music, he is also a  filmmaker, journalist, and photographer. He has also hosted a myriad of events from reggae, DnB, Jungle, and Bass music.  His other ventures include organizing the annual rap competition End of the Weak event in England and China.

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