Anthony Wexler Unleashes His Artistry On New Single “Fragile”

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Wexler follows-up on his previously released singles “Goodbye,” “Stay With Me,” and “Endlessly,” with yet another beautiful sonic gem titled “Fragile.” Inspired by his rediscovered faith in God, Anthony Wexler defies conventions and sonic expectations on this gorgeous single, a perfect way to get acquainted to Wexler’s music.  As he overcomes his darkest thoughts, Anthony takes the listener with him on a trip that will change his life forever, accepting his vulnerability and transforming it into his biggest strength. 

Wexler’s previously released single “Stay With Me,” gained significant attention, and “Fragile” now comes to consolidate and increase his following base. 

As he unleashes his artistry to the fullest, Anthony Wexler lays the foundation for everything to come next for this genius yet tortured soul in his musical journey. 

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