Andy Keels unveils his contemplative “Dead To Me” video

While some careers appear at the blink of an eye, others take a bit more time and patience, just ask Andy Keels. Born in the UK, Andy has quietly been developing his sound, and establishing his craft for quite sometime now. Having lived many lives, including one as an actor, Andy has a unique perspective that he brings to his music. Ready to share that perspective, he releases the anticipated new video for his engaging single, “Dead To Me.”

Spoken from the view of a friend who has been wronged by many, “Dead To Me,” is a reflective single that does a great job of showcasing Keels’ songwriting abilities. “I don’t know what you thought you stood to gain, but the consequences linger, and it’s you to blame,” Andy croons over the chorus, establishing a clear narrative. As for the video, shot in Greece, it finds Andy in the mountains singing his heart out to an open and empty skyline. Though the the video is simple in nature, the cold loneliness does a great job of furthering the overall vibe of the record. 

Produced by Dave Rowland, the track serves as the leading single for their upcoming project, Fifteen Years, which is set to drop early next year. Take a look at the video above and get familiar with the UK native. 

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