Andy Keels Is Bursting With Sincerity On His Debut Single “Dead To Me”

Andy Keels’ debut single is a very powerful act of opening his upcoming EP Fifteen Years. The reflection of Andy’s bitter experience of being betrayed is perfectly showcased on the single titled “Dead To Me.”
The perfectly built indie/pop/rock construction with strong vocals, storytelling excellence, and a knack for melodic invention, “Dead To Me” serves as both introduction and foundation for the UK-native singer-songwriter.
His love for quality music like blues and jazz curated his uniquely appealing signature sound we can hear on “Dead To Me” which is laden with contradictions: it both feels safe yet edgy, while at the same time it’s simple yet complex.

This brilliant offering from Andy is the powerful tool we all need for repairing a broken heart while it is also an indication of an even brighter future.

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