Andreww looks inward on “Talking To Myself” debut [Video]

As time goes on, the lines between genres continue to blur, spawning offshoots in every direction imaginable. Artists, like German-born, London-based debutant Andreww, cherry-pick their favourite elements to become part of their own musical identity, with risky leaps between disparate styles often reaping the most compelling results.

In the instance of Andreww's debut single, "Talking To Myself," his triangle consists of elements of grunge, trap and a twist of nu-metal, which at face value might sound like a lot to digest but once syphoned through his penchant for pop sensibilities, his vision becomes very clear. "I see the creation of a song like an isosceles triangle made of different influences, which shifts exactly as the song demands," muses Andreww in a statement.

At first, with its gravelly guitarwork and bitterly delivered vocal, it reminisces a sound akin to when rock dominated charts in the early 00s. Just as you're getting reacquainted with that energy, it deviates to introduce Nirvana-esque guitars, rattling trap hi-hats and an understated 808.

The brutally self-reflective lyricism is delivered with tasteful angst, with genuine passion felt through each word and cadence. Throughout the video, we see a troubled, facially-obscured Andreww making his way to the stage of an empty arena, and as the passion reaches a rapturous crescendo in the final chorus, we see him for the first time as he confidently takes the stage unencumbered; a declaration of intent for a no doubt bright future.

"Talking To Myself" is available now via Misled Records.

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