Anat Kriger delves into the idea of being smitten on “I Just Wanna Love You”

Israeli-born singer-songwriter and actress Anat Kriger delves into the complicated but  beautiful journey of  falling in love on luscious single “I Just Wanna Love You,” carried by an electro-tinged pop soundscape and her velvety vocals.

With romantic lyrics weaving a tale of being smitten, the track which showcases Kriger’s song writing talent for the first time ever is an impressive revelation of her simple yet poetic lyricism.

Leaning into the rising act’s penchant for sharing personal experiences within her gentle indie pop artistry, the melodic and layered track brims with love. Having immigrated to Canada with a single-minded goal of finding a space for herself in music, Kriger has consistently worked on developing her impactful and infectious sound led by intimate tales and expansive sonics.

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