Amaal transports us into her world on “Heaven”

On a sassy streak of R&B escapades, Amaal is following up hot on the heels of “Honey” with her lavish new autumn anthem, “Heaven”. A slow-winding, sexy serenade that pairs those signature creamy vocals with an infectious groove, “Heaven” is the definition of aural bliss.

The tender crooning of a choir opens our ears (and hearts) to the soul-filled ambience of the Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter. With production from NickyDavey, the track is expertly sprinkled with elasticky synths and a subtle, but ever-so tasteful, mattress-springs sample on loop. “Heaven” takes us right back to the golden age of R&B. Sensually provocative, the record invokes greats like Janet and Aaliyah, from the beat’s minimalist drum breaks, right down to Amaal’s hip sways and head bobs. 

Directed by David Camarena, the video for “Heaven” sees Amaal stepping out (and stepping on necks) with poise. A glowing ember flares up as she invites us into her world. Amaal paints vivid imagery of an irresistible dream: the perfect exchange of confidence in one’s self-worth and adoration for one another. Confident in the God-given royalty of her own essence, Amaal has found an escape worth getting lost in on “Heaven”.

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