Aly & AJ Send a Folky Postcard About Growing Pains on ‘With Love From’

Aly & AJ are “laying low,” signing postcards and reflecting on their growth on their folky-rock song “With Love From,” out Wednesday.

“I told you that I’d change,” the duo sings in the chorus. “But I guess I never did.” The lyrics follow the duo as they explore growing up and making new decisions.

In true postcard style, the artists shared the song cover art on Instagram with the caption, “Wherever this song may find you. We hope it finds you well. With Love From, A&A.”

The duo recently spoke to Variety about the new single and how they’ve tried to experiment with their sound. “We wanted to make a record that kind of dug deeper into Americana folk music, and we’re not claiming that this record is among the American greats, but we did our best in telling our story and staying true to who we are as songwriters and musicians,” said Aly Michalka.

Aly also told Variety that they’ll be naming their upcoming project after the lead single, and that it will feature 11 songs. Many of the collaborators on their 2021 LP will also be brought on to co-write on the new project.

“Pop is still in our DNA — that’s songwriting at its essential core. Every song, in a way, is pop. With a lot of ways songs are formatted, they’re usually in a pop format,” AJ said. “But I think for Aly and I, bringing in a little more of a rock edge, a little more guitar, a little more analog-leaning production as opposed to electronic-leaning synths.”

Posting a snippet of the song on Instagram earlier this week, the duo shared clips from life on the road, playing guitar in an empty field and driving down a freeway. Aside from releasing a deluxe edition of their album A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up On Your Feet Getts You Out and Then Into the Sun earlier this year, Aly & AJ have released new versions of their beloved Disney-day tracks “Chemicals React” and “Like Whoa.”

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