Alison Wonderland Wants The Old SoundCloud Back & So Do I

Everyone has their own opinion on the music industry, where it’s been and where it’s heading. And, as one of today’s leading DJ/producers, Alison Wonderland is weighing in on the current state as she sees it, particularly having to do with SoundCloud.

When asked what she would change about the music industry, she puts it bluntly: “The nightlife in Sydney. And bring the old SoundCloud back.” It seems she’s had a sort of love/hate relationship with the popular streaming platform over the years, and she’s definitely not alone.

In a recent interview with , Alison explains she isn’t as down with SoundCloud as she used to be. It’s easy to see her point, especially when it comes to those annoying paid reposts that flood the stream with mediocre-at-best tracks.

Here’s what she has to say:

SoundCloud is a big reason for my rise in the beginning, and I think what happened to it ruined a lot of potential opportunity for musicians making music in their room. I never knew how to reach out to anyone, so I would just put stuff on SoundCloud. I think there are so many artists that we’ve never heard of, making music 10 times better than any of us. Just in their bedroom. Platforms like SoundCloud were offering such an amazing way to discover those artists. That’s how I discovered the music that I would play on my radio show, artists I would fall in love with. Monetisation was always the big issue for them. And people selling reposts means that we don’t have an accurate representation of what people should be listening to. You might not listen to the song, and you might not even like it, you’re representing something just for money. I don’t like it.

Read the interview in full Stoney Roads .


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