Alexa Lusader Releases Debut EP As Love, Alexa, "Dear You.." [Interview]

Alexa Lusader is a name many fans of dance music should recognize. An accomplished vocalist in her own right, Alexa has had a fruitful career featuring on a number of stellar dance music hits. Now, she’s ready to enter the next phase in her career as Love, Alexa and release her debut EP, Dear You..

The first thing you notice listening to Dear You.. is that it’s a deeply personal album. Every track is based on Alexa’s own life experiences; moreso, they’re based on the Love, Alexa notes that she began as an experiment in 2017.

Each track is quite literally a piece of her soul laid bare; beyond being an incredibly brave and intimidating thing to do as an artist, she manages to create each song with rich production and with a variety of influences. “Russian Roulette” in particular is a deeply personal song touching on a history of sexual abuse, while other songs focus on relationships and hardships.

The entire EP was written by Alexa, and the track “Green Tea” was actually produced by her good friend Grabbitz. That kind of attention to detail just further solidifies Alexa’s connection to her music, making it that much more personal.

Ahead of the EP’s release, I had the opportunity to send Alexa some questions about the release. You can watch her answer those questions below.

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