Alexa Dark Breaks Out With The Alt-Rock Ballad “Fade to Black and Blue”

Hailing from New York City, singer-songwriter Alexa Dark has launched her solo music career with the release of a major number, the nostalgic single “Fade to Black and Blue.” Her poetic lyricism captures the reality of love and loss with a vintage and cinematic feel distilling an underlying apocalyptic feel throughout. 

Alexa Dark grew-up between Spain, Germany and England. It’s in her teenage years, in London, that fell in love with poetry and first started writing. Françoise Hardy, Jack White, Portishead, and Patsy Cline are some of the legendary artists that fueled her inspiration and desire to become an artist. 

Alexa Dark’s debut single is produced by well-known Matt Chiaravalle (Debbie Harry, Warren Zevon), and mastered by Grammy-award winner Emily Lazar (Beck, Haim).

A few weeks after the release of the single, Alexa Dark launched a beautiful music video to accompany the song, combining sound and visuals for a mesmerizing sensory experience.

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