Alex Porat releases spinning new track, “taxi,” ahead of EP

It feels like pop-artist Alex Porat just never stops working hard and putting out music. She’s constantly proving that she’s dedicated—not to mention talented— to her work. Last year, she released her debut EP, bad at breakups, and now, she’s already gearing up to release her followup, miss sick world! While the name of her new EP sounds pretty angsty and pessimistic, her new single, “taxi,” is anything but. 

Porat shared that she wanted the track “to reflect how it feels to have a crush on someone.” She does this perfectly as the track starts with a gentle, driving beat, then slowly builds with claps and deep synths until the chorus comes in with a refrain dropping into a chaotic and distorted synth. That technique continues throughout, capturing those ups and downs, the reality versus fantasy moments.

On a deeper level, this is also like a reminder to listeners to follow that opportunity, whether it be romantic, personal, social, etc. Porat shared her experience, reminding that you can’t “just live your life in limbo. I think about all the times I kept how I’ve felt about someone to myself because it feels so safe to keep it all a secret. I love that the music video is the daydream of what could happen if I didn’t build walls around my feelings."

Even the music video is super cute about all the "what ifs" of what could happen on a date with your crush. It plays on everyone’s embarrassing, but true fantasies of just jamming to favorite songs and gorging on tons of pizza and wine.

Keep updated with the release of Porat’s new EP. If you can score tickets to her Canadian tour in November, be sure to do so!

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