Aicha Dosso Shares Her Latest Single “J’en Ai Marre”

“J’en ai marre” - a new release from Aicha Dosso, showcases her polished style, rich and cultured vibe, as well as her cosmopolitan attitude. Aicha Dosso is a NYC-based actress, singer, model, and songwriter who recently took over the French pop music charts with her debut release titled ‘Bien’ - make sure to have a look! 

As an experienced actress, Aicha Dosso brings a stunning acting performance in both of her music videos. But what catches our attention the most is her vocals that always meet the notes, are smooth and layered in an interesting way around the French Cabaret vibe she creates. 

About Aicha Dosso 

Aicha Dosso is a multidisciplinary artist. She was born in Cote d’Ivoire and raised in Paris where she studied English and then moved to New York to study method acting at the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She considers reviving the forgotten art of Parsian-style musical cabaret her true calling.

Aicha performed a show at Chelsea Music Hall on Jan 14th featuring 8 original songs written and performed by Aicha Dosso, as well as a cover of Piaf’s famous Je ne regrette rien. The singer was accompanied by an ensemble of musicians and backup singers. 

“French Song Cabaret” features music from her upcoming album which will be released in 2020.

Watch the music video for “J’en ai marre” : 

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