Adele Can’t Get a Cassette Tape to Cooperate in ‘Easy on Me’ Blooper Video

Adele has shared some amusing bloopers from behind the filming of her “Easy on Me” video, the lead single to her highly anticipated 30, which arrives on Nov. 19.

The clip, which Adele shared on Instagram, opens with the video’s iconic moment: The singer leveling a serious look into the car mirror. In the blooper reel, she breaks into laughter. “Wait, just give me a second,” she says. The wind also gives her some trouble during a call to a friend and when she sits down to sing by an open window (the original video also contains a snippet from that scene).

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However, the most trying issue she experiences is during the dramatic moment where she pops in a cassette as she embarks on her journey. She tries and tries, but the cassette refuses to cooperate, popping back out several times before it finally stays put. “It worked!” she happily exclaims. “It’s all smoke and mirrors!” she captioned the clip.

The tracklist for 30 was recently revealed on social media; there are 12 songs on the album, with three bonus tracks included in the Target exclusive edition. One of the bonus songs is an alternate rendition of “Easy on Me” featuring Chris Stapleton.

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