Aby Coulibaly is in carefree mode on “Long Nights” [video]

Ever since dropping her debut “Taurus”, Dublin-based singer Aby Coulibaly hasn’t looked back. Today she returns with the video for her new single “Long Nights.”  The track is a feel-good track that dives into a fledgling relationship where Coulibaly is walking away from. Over the soul-infused hip-hop beat, she details her frustration and turmoil she is going through but she has had it up to here and is ready to keep it moving. The track sure has a distinct mood especially with Coulibaly’s silky vocals which change in pitch at certain parts to emphasize her emotions.

The video is directed by fellow label mate/ singer Monjola and Sam Fallover who both filmed the singer in her hometown in Dublin. The visual aims to just capture her in her natural state with her friends having fun around the city. I dig the DIY feel of the visuals and how they just kept it straightforward and carefree. This also plays into the song’s premise which depicts inner turmoil but it’s just not enough to keep Coulibaly downtrodden.

“Long Nights” is an all in-house affair with members of Chamomile Records, which includes producer Moyo, singer Monjola, and of course headed by Coulibaly herself.

Stream “Long Nights” here.

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