Ab-Soul Says ‘Redemption Is Not Off the Table’ for Drake After Kendrick Lamar Beef

Ab-Soul says the possibility of “redemption” for Drake is “not off the table” following his charts-busting beef with Kendrick Lamar.

In a series of updates to the platform formerly known as Twitter on Monday, the TDE artist first opened with a scripture-focused reflection before getting more specific. As Ab sees it, what’s key with regards to the 6 God’s possible next moves lies in an understanding of what it means to truly be an MC.

“If Drake is the MC I imagine he can be, redemption is not off the table,” Ab said, later pointing out that “MC” is the “key word” in that statement.

However, according to Ab, there was “never a question” as to whether Drake would come out on top on the rap level.

“We could still ‘potentially’ match ‘artistry,'” Ab added in a follow-up tweet, noting that he was “removing my obvious personal/educated bias” in making such an assessment.

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