A Star Is Born: MAR, The Queen Of Latin Pop

Gorgeous young artist MAR is making huge steps toward success, captivating millions of fans with a single track called “QUÉDATE”. Soft, chill soundscapes paired with the irresistible Latin percussion and a stunning sand beach with waves crashing against it—what can be better? Only MAR’s vocal performance, perhaps, which leaves the listener in awe of her talent; as she starts off with a mellow tone which then rises, much like the emotions of attraction MAR conveys, pouring into a higher pitch that’s just perfect for the song.

A natural performer and artist, MAR always had a passion for music. Performing between 2014 and 2020, MAR embarked on a series of international tours throughout the American continent, enchanting the illustrious stages of New York’s Madison Square Garden; Luna Park in Buenos Aires; the Quinta Vergara en Viña del Mar; the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile; the Arena Monterrey and the Foro Sol in Mexico City. Today, her name is rapidly becoming familiar with all Latin pop music fans and we are all for it!

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