7venCity – Just Be Yourself (Produced by RocBoyMusic)

artworks-xgrkPB83yGosUBTm-QOGrSg-t500x500 7venCity - Just Be Yourself (Produced by RocBoyMusic)

Check out new music and video from 7VENCITY online now produced by RocBoyMusic. The uptempo song about relationships is just in time for Valentine’s Day. In the description for the visual 7VENCITY says

“It’s time to walk in your true purpose Queen! From now on I want you to accept and love yourself unconditionally first and that vibration will attract more love and appreciation. You are a divine creation making you truly a gift to the World. Stay aligned. “Just Be Yourself and the world will adjust.”

The Single ‘Just Be Yourself’ out now check it out and stay tuned to HipHopSince1987.com for more work soon by 7VENCITY.


Director: LoveTheCulture

Producer: RocBoyMusic



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