50 Cent Under NYPD Investigation For Threats To An Officer On Instagram: Report

50 Cent might be the most fearless person on Instagram, continuing to troll anyone he chooses despite death threats or revenge porn lawsuits. This time, however, 50 might have made an enemy that he doesn't want to mess with. 

According to Page Six, 50 is reportedly under investigation by the NYPD for threatening one of their officers online. The post in question, which has since been deleted, refers to Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, head of the 72nd precinct in Sunset Park. Gonzalez was allegedly trying to squeeze the owner of the Love & Lust Club in New York for gifts, such as a round-trip to Puerto Rico.

In response to these allegations 50, being a fan of the club, told his followers to "get the strap." Now, if you're even slightly aware of 50's Instagram posts, you'd know that he writes that on literally every single post he makes. However, it appears that the NYPD aren't as familiar, and are investigating it as an actual threat.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the 72nd, Gonzalez is "annoyed, alarmed, and is in fear of his safety." They went after the comments section as well, stating that, "Comments included, but are not limited to, ‘Get the strap’ multiple times, and] ‘F—k this commander has to get the strap ASAP."

Despite the joking nature of 50's online presence, the police appear to be taking this matter very seriously. It might be time for 50 to retire the "get the strap" catchphrase for good, lest he get in even more trouble. 

Update: 50 Cent responds to the investigation.

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